Apply Within

by Ciphurphace

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The official sophomore LP from Ciphurphace - follow up to An Honest Day's Work


released October 11, 2011

Production by: Scorpioflo (Albuquerque, NM), Jake Palumbo of SpaceLAB Records (Brooklyn, NY by way of TN), Mo-Kay (The Netherlands), Koncept Jones (Phoenix, AZ by way of Detroit), Nate & Zack Beat Productions (Tucson, AZ), Julian Rockwell (Tucson, AZ), Plan B (Tucson, AZ), Billy Dimes of Digital B-Boy Productions (Seattle, WA), and Pen Pointz (Canada)



all rights reserved



Imagine Confucius and Shakespeare in the recording booth reciting ill 16's after consuming four Red Bulls.

Alter Egos: Phaced God, Murk City, Rabbi Cacti, Douglas GoodBeard, Phace Manchu, Ciph Dawg, R.A.W.thentik, John Diss
Affiliation: E.E.E./SouthFresh Records, SpaceLAB Recordings, Moonshine Burrito, The Effin' Sumbodies
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Track Name: The City Speaks
1st verse:

It was a quiet night-all I could hear were the crickets chirpin'
until Mr. Johnson came home-drunk off a fifth of bourbon
12 hour days-poor pay-he was sick of workin'
it was like a human being transformed into a wicked serpent
his wife was awakened-let me give you the quickest version
he started beating her-she cried as she gripped the curtains
her name was Stacy-screamin' for god like she was recitin' scripts from sermons
their son Isaac came out the room-inside-you could tell the kid was hurtin'
he was 9 years old-terrified-he saw his father in the kitchen cursin'
flashback-tormented by his dad's sick perversion
his mother bleedin' on the carpet-she thought this was it for certain
but he left-got in his pick up and the whip was swervin'
he lost control down the street and he hit a person
then his truck spun around and barely missed the curb and
he left the scene-ambulance arrived-care had to be quick & urgent
his name was Vince-the high school star quarterback all the kids would worship
on the operating table-under bright lights and Dr. Smith the surgeon
Vince couldn't move-ribs were crushed-felt like his skin was burnin'
his girlfriend Julie was in the waiting room-trying to grip her nerves and
the nurses said everything will be okay-they kept reaffirmin'
Julie was anxious-trying to be patient with her friends conversin'
she saw the hospital staff down the hallway towards the end dispersin'
just then the doctor realized it was his only son-his kin was squirmin'
he tried but couldn't save him-tears from his eyelids were burstin'

2nd verse:

It was a hot afternoon-all I could hear was a rattlesnake hissing
a white girl and a black boy-down by the lake kissing
an interracial relationship-they would meet in secret places
she kept it hidden from her parents-the girl's father-he was racist
two teenagers in love-you could just tell when you see their faces
the young boy had ran into trouble but was able to beat the cases
they both went to the same high school-they were honor roll students
talked about attending the same college-they mapped out their life blueprints
the boy was into sports-played varsity football-four years wit' a good rep
his father was a doctor-who wanted his son to follow in his footsteps
but the boy was determined to become a professional athlete
still hasn't spoken to his father from a disagreement last week
the couple left hours later and headed back to their homes
in the meanwhile-they sent text messages-back & forth-forth & back from their phones
they were going to meet later that night at a neigborhood park
they just couldn't wait until daylight turned to dark
when the boy arrived at his house-his mother handed him a letter
it was a full scholarship offer from a school out in Denver
he made a decision to accept-then called his girl to let her know
she became upset-told him to tell em' no-he didn't want to let her go
told her to have faith and things will work out for the better though
just hold on-be patient-he said-we'll reach forever so (no)
it became a heated discussion-his girl was screamin' & cussin'
he took a walk to clear his head & fight the demons that rushed him

3rd verse:

It was a strange morning-all I could hear were the coyotes howling
until an argument broke out that led to unholy shouting
through the windows of the living room-the sun was beamin'
a man & his wife in their home while their son was sleepin'
she was accusin' her husband of bein' at a club and cheatin'
he packed his lunch up and said he was done and leavin'
got in his truck-was speedin'-felt all the love depletin'
felt like his gut was bleedin'-felt like his life would self-destruct this evening
he arrived at work-late again for the start of his shift
for every day he's alive-the harder it gets
some times he wishes he never got married and fathered a kid
the way he feels-he wants to rip his heart out his ribs
his boss called him in the office to discuss his job performance
he was borderline terminated-the stress was enormous
he was holdin' his meds-he said don't push me-I'm close to the edge
felt like he was catchin' repeated blows to the head
he went back to work-frustrated-extremely distraught
mind full of devious thoughts-slavin' through his tedious job
when it came to a good life he believes he was robbed
no matter what it was-he was never the cream of the crop
he's lookin' up at the sky-speakin' to god
askin' for a break so he could even the odds
hopin' for a stroke of luck-hopped in the truck to smoke some bud
he left work early and ended up at a local pub


Tucson, Arizona
Rising in the heat like a mirage
The lonely desert skies reflect
The anger in his eyes
And it is dawn