Extra Phaces

by Ciphurphace

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released June 18, 2011



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Imagine Confucius and Shakespeare in the recording booth reciting ill 16's after consuming four Red Bulls.

Alter Egos: Phaced God, Murk City, Rabbi Cacti, Douglas GoodBeard, Phace Manchu, Ciph Dawg, R.A.W.thentik, John Diss
Affiliation: E.E.E./SouthFresh Records, SpaceLAB Recordings, Moonshine Burrito, The Effin' Sumbodies
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Track Name: I Can't Live Without My BlackBerry
1st verse:

My BlackBerry believe me, I like it best
I'm the man with a phone that can talk and text
walkin' down the street it feels so unique
while my BlackBerry vibrates and then beeps
I'm sorry if you can't understand
but I need a BlackBerry inside my hand
don't mean to offend other citizens
but I keep on textin' way past 10
my Berry is rough all the features are tough
I still check emails from a simple touch
my name is cool James I conversate wit' Terry
and I couldn't survive without my BlackBerry
using the QWERTY at a steady pace
I know the others want one by the look on their face
my BlackBerry's on from morning to night
I'm a hip-hop artist and my name is Ciph
just stimulated by the feel it's oh so strong
recharge the battery if it won't turn on
cause I text everyday even on a Sunday
I woulda got a iPhone but I said no way!
the best phone that I carry-extraordinary
it's scary-I can't live without my BlackBerry

2nd verse:

Suckas hear my words when I talk on the Tour
I really don't care if they're feelin' unsure
Never weak-it's strong-it's never wrong
my Blackberry never rests-it's always on
So get off the wall, become involved
All your PDA problems have now been solved
My Messenger beeps when my peers respond
And my Blackberry's always in my palm
Calendar's marked-my Task List set
Memo Pad-checked-so I won't forget
Navigate wit the Trackball-up and down
Go side to side-left and right-that's how I get around
Sometimes I talk to my friends on the Speakerphone
Got the Web Browser up-can't leave it alone
My Blackberry puts carbon copies to waste
One of the things I love to do is Copy and Paste
Suckas get mad, cause the Berry's real
And if you had one too-you would know how I feel
the best phone that I carry- extraordinary
it's scary-I can't live without my BlackBerry
the best phone that I carry-extraordinary
it's scary-I can't live without my BlackBerry

3rd verse

Dont touch my Berry-I'll be upset
Might go into a fit and rip off your neck
cause the Blackberry's functions-I always embrace
I'm the royal chief rocker James Ciphurphace
I let my thumb move from right to left
and its an actual fact this phone is def
Most definitely created by me
Goin' down in Blackberry history
I'm good to go on my Blackberry
that's word to Brian Pessin-true O.G.
I can open Google Talk and Facebook quick
Some jealous knuckleheads might try to dis
But it's nuthin', ya frontin', got Pandora pumpin'
When my Blackberry's in my hand-I'm pressin' buttons
My name is Ciphur, I'm on the block
Conversating through my Black -- Berry non-stop
I'm lookin' at the apps all over the screen
And every one I click on is oh so clean
It's silver and black-the best thing that I hold
A phone like this keeps me in control
the best phone that I carry-extraordinary
it's scary-I can't live without my BlackBerry