How To MC

by Ciphurphace



How To MC is the first official single off of Ciphurphace's upcoming sophomore LP 'Apply Within' - produced by Koncept Jones who has been around the Detroit Hip-Hop scene since 1991 and is now living in Phoenix, AZ. - Determined to rid hip-hop of skinny beats, this beat maestro provides a refreshingly pure soundscape for Tucson's legendary mastery of ceremony to do what he does best...display unadulterated thought-provoking lyricism at its finest.


released July 15, 2010
produced by Koncept Jones



all rights reserved



Imagine Confucius and Shakespeare in the recording booth reciting ill 16's after consuming four Red Bulls.

Alter Egos: Phaced God, Murk City, Rabbi Cacti, Douglas GoodBeard, Phace Manchu, Ciph Dawg, R.A.W.thentik, John Diss
Affiliation: E.E.E./SouthFresh Records, SpaceLAB Recordings, Moonshine Burrito, The Effin' Sumbodies
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